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24-08-2016 19:11
Is 1.9 ever gonna be a thing for the server? or 1.10...

07-02-2016 13:26
Pig OMG pig!

03-02-2016 22:48
Shoubox is fun Grin

28-01-2016 19:46
Er komen ook steeds meer nieuwe mensen bij die blijven spelen dus de server groeit hard. Voten helpt heel erg Smile

27-01-2016 21:28
als je meer mensen op de server kan krijgen word het steeds leuker en leuker voor iedereen je kunt altijd proberen

Shoutbox Archive
Island PvP
Island PvP




 Minecraft server ip: Play.skyblock.nl
 Second server ip: Play.server075.com

 Skyblock known here as, Island PvP is played on water and 
 pvp is on so visit your neighbors become friends or start a fight 
 its up to you! Visit your friends use /is help for a list of 
 commands you can use.

 Skyblock - Island PvP - Minecraft

Valentine's day webshop discounts

On valentine's day we give Hugs.

Keep a close eye on the website were we will promote the coupons,
the coupons will be valid for 1 week from the 14th of February till 21-02-2016
The code`s can only be used one time! (per valid player)

Hugs on valentine's day


The first redeem code can be found on: »Youtube«

The sec redeem code can be found on: »Facebook«

Minecraft - Island PVP
Minecraft - Island PVP

 Island PvP is a unike setup for a Skyblock. Its played on water
 with PvP on and there are mines like Prison but here you can get
 ores you need for your island. When you join our server for the
 first time, you will be in the spawn area thats in the same world 
 as your new skyblock island. Here you can go to the different
 sections of the game and choose what you wish to do. There are
 a few portals that will take your to the different parts of our game. 
 These portals will take you to skyblock places like the PvP maps, 
 mining pits and more. You can even kill The Dragon!

 There is also a shop at spawn where you can buy things for your
 island to help you and team mates survive. You can even sell some
 stuff at the spawn or use the command ''/sell''. Keep the item that
 you would like to sell in your hand and use the command. You can
 also visit other players shops where you can buy and sell your stuff
 too. We have added a few plugins to help you make money to
 purchase things from players and the shops. Use the command
 ''/is visit <name>'' to visit the other player and get to his shop. 
 Last but not least! If you buy a VIP rank on our server you'll get
 access to our VIP shop. Here you can sell and buy more special
 things that are not for sale in the normal shop at the spawn.

 At www.Skyblock.nl we have a good team of Administrators and
 Moderators that will be able to help you with any of your problems.
 If you require any assistance and if you have any questions as
 we are always happy to help you.


Skyblock - Island PvP

2D - Minecraft Shooter Game
2D - Minecraft Shooter Game






Skyblock Island PvP Minecraft server

 Open in new frame: Click here!

 Minecraft Games made by Server075 from www.Skyblock.nl
 The 2D - Minecraft shooter game is for online game play,
 can be used on pc, tablet and mobile phone,
 also touchscreen enabled!