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Factions at

is another of our PvP server`s.
That involves you being able to make a team and then claiming some land in the wilderness and setting up a base. You and your team can then fight other teams that can also be found in the wilderness.

Your team can then take over the other teams land. Taking over other peoples land allows you to then have the ability to break blocks within the land that the other team owned.

This also means that you can get into chests that they have made. The faction`s server is all about team work, and if you don`t have people to team up with then u can always ask someone if you can join their team or you can ask people if they want to make a team with you.

The faction`s server is more intense PvP as people PvP more on this server due to the teams and trust of other teams. If you need any information on how to do the commands for this server, please talk to our moderators or look at the commands board at the factions spawn.

Plugins on Factions
Orebfuscator 1.9.5
WorldEdit 5.5.7
NoCheatPlus 3.9.4-DEV-b552
FrameProtect 1.9
Vault 1.2.25-b320
Multiverse-Core 2.4-b527
PermissionsEx 1.19.5
WorldGuard 5.7.3
PingList 1.0.1
dynmap 1.7.1-714
Dynmap-WorldGuard 0.40
AutoMessage 2.2.1
Restart 1.0
AntiAd 2.1.1
ChestShop 3.5
Modifyworld 1.19.4
Votifier 1.9
mcMMO 1.4.06-beta5-b2062
AntiEnderDragonPortal 1.1
Essentials 2.10.1
Fe 0.6
ChatManager 1.19.1
EssentialsSpawn 2.10.1
Multiverse-Portals 2.4-b548
Factions 1.8.2
Dynmap-Factions 0.50
FactionsPlus 0.5.2

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